Scary movie fun facts: Secrets behind the spooky films

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Keandre Williams-Chambers

Staff Writer

“Saw:” In addition to the popular gore films, this popular seven-movie series also sports two video games.

“Friday the 13th:” Jason Voorhees, the antagonist of this multi-part movie series, doesn’t actually acquire his iconic mask until part three.

“Nightmare on Elm Street:” The street that makes this movie famous only appears in the beginning and end of the original film, and barely even has a mention throughout. Should you miss these key moments, this could all be happening on your very own street!

“Paranormal Activity:” Entire filming for the first Paranormal activity was completed in only 10 days.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer:” After driving home from the set one night, Jennifer Love Hewitt noticed that there was a fisherman on the side of the road. Upon further reflection, she found out it was only cardboard, but it spooked her nonetheless.

“Final Destination series:” Just before a person dies in the film, a John Denver song (usually) plays, possibly alluding to the fact that he too died in a plane crash.

“Psycho:” The famed music in the shower scene, titled “Screaming Violins,” was not intended to be in the film. The scene was meant to be completely silent with only the sound of a scream.

“The Exorcist:” The scream of demons being driven out of Linda’s mind and body actually are from a recording of screaming pigs who are about to be slaughtered.

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre:” The greatest tie to the real world this movie has is the killer Ed Gein. Keep in mind that “inspired by” and “based on” mean two different things. Typically, “based on” means a true story while “inspired by” runs with the imagination.

“The Silence of the Lambs:” The quote “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again” is a quote that has been deeply construed over time. For those who have yet to watch the movie, it simply means that unless you put lotion on, you will get sprayed cold water from the hose. Nothing more.

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