Make important connections and relationships in college

Bradley Kremer, Opinion Writer

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After the National Romantic Holiday of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to write a little piece on college dating life. Whether building romantic relationships or friendships, we are being exposed to a bunch of new names every day and if you are like me, you forget the names and have to frantically browse social media before you forget what letter it even started with.

In high school, you are told that the people you meet in college will be more mature, and that dating will become more formal. Nice dinners, walks along the beach, horseback riding in the mountains, air balloon rides over the coast, ice sculpture shaving classes, couples’ paintball… You know… that realistic stuff.

While all that sounds nice, I will tell you what I have seen after four years of attending college. Friends give friends grief for bailing on them in favor of a significant other.

People have short-lived romances then stop talking to each other completely because they are not looking for anything long-term, or simply do not see themselves with that person (I like to call this term “ghosting”).

I also see people talk, hang out, go on some dates, then randomly change that status on Facebook that seems so pivotal to the commitment because now it is public and gets comments like “OMG about time,” “S’cute *heart eyes emoji*” or “Sean, you’ve changed bro.”

Students are almost always afraid of those formal, mature dates or relationships because they appear limiting. College is a time to network, make connections, build relationships and learn how to be independent.

Now, I am by no means bad-talking getting in a romantic relationship in college. However, I do believe that you should not limit yourself to one person when you can learn so much from all the people around you who are figuring out the same things you are.

So, if you are in a relationship, bring your partner out with each other’s friends or to meet new people at social gatherings. If you are single, and sad about it, don’t be. There are plenty of people to meet that will help you figure out what you really want and who you really want to be with.

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