The fall semester is coming at an end, and as we all cram for our finals and get ready to say farewell to our friends, we can’t help but be relieved that it’s almost over.


The past few months have been overwhelming for all of us and we cannot wait for the last day of school, but there are a few things that we have to say before we say goodbye.


For starters, we wish you good luck on your final exams! Do yourself a favor and start studying now if you haven’t yet. We know that studying is not the most enjoyable thing to do, but it is a necessary evil.


Just keep in mind that if you are studying and feel like you’re going to lose your mind, you’re  not the only one. After all that studying and all the work you’ve put in this semester, you will be able to wake up as late as you want and won’t worry about any assignments or tests for the next few weeks.


We’d like to say good luck to those who are taking classes this winter break, it takes a lot of determination to tackle on extra classes on your free time, but the reward will be worth it.


We’d also like to congratulate you for making it so far. We know that college is far from being easy, but you made it through the semester! You’re one step closer to your goal, whether it be to go to graduate school, be the first in your family to graduate, or to enter a career you are passionate about.


Last but not least, we’d like to wish you happy holidays! If you do not celebrate any holidays, we hope that you have a wonderful winter break.


It has truly been a pleasure to be able to write for all of you. Although stressful at times, being a part of this newspaper is something that we love doing, we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.


May you have a wonderful and well deserved break. Until next time, Cougars!