Country faces aftermath of 2020 election


Photo by Victoria Pickering on Flickr

Millions of Americans celebrated Joe Biden’s election to the Presidency.

Alya Burnand, Staff Writer

Upon learning the results of the election, I agreed with the millions of people across the country cheering, lighting fireworks, honking car horns, ringing bells, holding signs and overall just hosting an enormous celebration. 

The election week was truly stressful, to the point where my family and I customized a tub of Cold Stone ice cream to cope.

President Trump was shocked that more mail-in votes weren’t in his favor, despite him telling his supporters to vote in person. 

It was inconceivable to him that he did not win the vote of the people after tanking the entire country. 

Several jokes were made even before the votes were counted about how he would insist that he had won even if he didn’t and that he would accuse those that didn’t vote for him of voter fraud. Others said he would probably have to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming.

For all those who breathed a sigh of relief when the results came in, don’t completely relax just yet. 

Trump is making it as difficult as possible for President-elect Joe Biden to take office because he is blocking access to the resources needed and contact with foreign powers necessary to assure a smooth transition. 

I bet that if and when the transition becomes a challenge, Trump will blame it on Biden. 

On the plus side, many foreign allies have already congratulated Biden on his win, and to be honest, I think they’re relieved. 

I really hope that this is a new chapter in our country, because the last four years have been difficult. 

I’m eager to move forward with COVID-19 vaccines, addressing the climate crisis, renewable energy, technological advancements, closing the wage gap and overall providing a better future for those who will come after us. 

Growth is also occurring in regards to diversity in positions of governmental power with the election of Kamala Harris, who is the first woman and the first person of color to serve as vice president. 

Hopefully, Biden will keep his promise to remedy the divisiveness that the last four years have bred because we need to cooperate if we are to succeed in the future. 

I am uncertain how history will look back upon this last presidency, but I have a hunch that we will remember Joe Biden’s presidency more honorably.

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