The Cougar Chronicle

2019-2020 Staff

Eduardo Martinez

Eduardo Martinez is a senior Marketing major who updates the website for The Cougar Chronicle. Currently, he is a freelancer for his own business for clients that need websites. On his own free time, Eddie likes to catch up on sleep since he believe it's best to balance work and school.

Kat Parra

Kat Parra is in her senior year here at CSUSM and majoring in Art and Technology. Since last semester, she has been assisting The Cougar Chronicle as a photographer and staff writer. She enjoys sculpting, art, video design and spending time with family. She will be the first in her family to graduate from a four-year university.  Her inspiration is and always will be her mom...

Tania Ortiz

Tania Ortiz is the Opinion Editor for The Cougar Chronicle. She is a senior at CSUSM as a Communication major. Tania plans to pursue a job in the media industry after graduation. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going on runs and spending time with friends.

Anneliese Esparza

Anneliese Esparza is a senior literature and writing studies major serving as The Cougar Chronicle's Editor-in-Chief. She also freelances for local publications.  After graduation, she hopes to get a master's in journalism and become an editor for a mid-size local newspaper. When not writing articles, Anneliese enjoys playing piano, reading, spending time with her family and...

Sasha Anand

Sasha Anand is a third year Literature and Writing major and Spanish minor. She aspires to pursue a writing  or teaching career in the future. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing and spending time with her family and friends. This is her third year working with The Cougar Chronicle.

Adrianna Adame

Adrianna Adame is a senior at CSUSM majoring in history and minoring in communication. When not writing articles or studying, she spends her time reading books and watching Netflix dramas. Once she graduates, she hopes to go to graduate school and eventually become a news reporter.

Kent Davy

Kent Davy has been the faculty advisor for The Cougar Chronicle since 2014. Kent graduated from both undergraduate school and law school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, then practiced law for several years before switching careers for journalism. Following the death of his wife, Joel, in 2007, he was awarded a first place for column writing by the Society of Professional Jou...

Marielle Alindogan

Marielle Alindogan is a senior at CSUSM majoring in Communication and minoring in TV/Film Media Production. She enjoys creating content for media and aspires to be a marketing/media manager in the Entertainment industry. When she is not working on the Chronicle, she enjoys spending time with her puppy, family, and friends.