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Seasonal loneliness: The Valentine’s naming dilemma


By Will McCurdy

Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Single’s Awareness Day. To some it’s a rallying cry, others are apathetic and still more consider it, with a snort of derision, as the preferred term with a cynical lens directed toward a day celebrating a celibate Christian martyr.

Valentine’s Day, despite its religious roots, has developed into a secular holiday full of amorous ambitions and Ben & Jerry’s. The term, Single’s Awareness Day, was created to direct attention toward a crowd that is not within the celebrating demographic of the holiday.

However, the present tense is used because the term has largely turned into a larger joke than it was at its inception. There are no maroon cards shaped like anatomically correct hearts to hand out to friends and acquaintances and no apathetically wrapped gift boxes. Television networks would be hard pressed to air anything other than films about love.

Ultimately, the only change garnered with these words is a short-lived sense of comradery with whoever uttered it, followed by an awkward high five and the subsequent repression of any unpleasant memories that come as a result of the interaction.

So if not Single’s Awareness Day, then what do those without a date do to bring attention to themselves? The answer is quite simple: nothing. Valentine’s Day is a commercialized mess to the point that the fact that there isn’t a Charlie Brown special on it is quite surprising. But beyond capitalistic aimed cynicism, there’s no real reason to get into a mood that requires making a joke about the name of a holiday.

While some rush around to get chocolates and flowers for their sweetheart, a person of the non-committed persuasion can exploit the cheaper prices for chocolate and flowers while potentially enjoying a good romantic comedy film later in the evening. Dining out becomes considerably more simple as single and odd numbered parties can get in much quicker than couples that always pack the establishments.

Let the couples of the world have their holiday with deep red roses, absurd lines at restaurants and boxes of chocolate shaped like rear ends. A name is a small concession to pay for the benefits taken advantage of by all parties. May the joke of bringing awareness to those lacking in paramours be done with and instead be used as a chance to take advantage of its rampant commercialism through candy.

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