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Interested in putting an ad in our newspaper? No problem, we offer a variety of different rates and sizes! Below you’ll find a copy of our media kit you can download for publication dates, rates and ordering details. There’s also a form you fill out at the bottom of this page to contact our advertising department directly.

The Cougar Chronicle reserves the right to reject any advertising without explanation. Standards of unacceptable advertising include, but are not limited to material that:

  • promotes alcohol and tobacco products, pornography and drug paraphernalia
  • misleads readers or is false
  • promotes illegal activity
  • denigrates persons and/or groups based on factors such as race, age, gender, religious affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, or those protected by the American Disabilities Act of 1990and/or future University, State and/or Federal guidelines, regulations or laws.

The Cougar Chronicle does not support or engage in “native advertising,” where a client pays or sponsors journalists to cover a story. The Cougar Chronicle fully adheres to the ethics of independent, investigative reporting. Advertisements in our print and online editions are the only ways we accept promotional requests.

Questions? Contact us us at [email protected].

Please take a look at our 2021-2022 Media Kit for detailed pricing, deadlines and submission information.