Top performances from 2016 Grammy Awards

Show features standout performances


Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Kendrick Lamar (pictured above) gave a ground-breaking performance at the 2016 Grammy’s.

Shannon Gallacher, Assistant Art & Entertainment Editor


The 58th annual Grammy Awards aired on Feb. 15 on CBS, featuring stars old and new to the music scene, who put on a spectacular show. But the real reason we all watch is to see what moments will keep us talking for weeks to come.

Here are my top five performances of the night:

1. Tori Kelly and James Bay: “Hollow” and “Let It Go”

There’s nothing more endearing than raw, honest talent. With just their vocals and guitars, Kelly and Bay performed a perfect melody of their hit songs.

Their songs seamlessly fit together and their vocals were so flawless that it was hard to believe that it wasn’t pre­recorded or enhanced. The performance might not have had all the glitz and glamour that typically graces the Grammy stage, but it was spectacular nonetheless.

2. “Hamilton” Original Broadway Cast

As a musical theatre lover, I was extremely elated when I heard that the opening number from the renowned Broadway musical “Hamilton” was going to be broadcasted live from the Richard Rodgers Theater.

What made this performance so special was the camera work. The camera was up close and personal with the actors, allowing the audience to feel as if they were on stage with them. The cast, including playwright Lin­-Manuel Miranda, delivered a praiseworthy performance. With a show filled with talented actors, set and costume designers and a hard-working crew, it was clear why it won a Grammy for “Best Musical Theatre Album.” It is a well­-deserved award for a lyrically genius soundtrack and show.

3. Taylor Swift: “Out of the Woods”

By this point, everyone knows that Swift is the queen of pretty much everything and her Grammy opening performance proved that fact.

Opening the show with her hit single, “Out of the Woods,” Swift prowled around in a sparkling jumpsuit, effortlessly capturing the attention of the entire audience. The only thing to say about her performance was that it started the show off with a spectacular bang.

4. Kendrick Lamar: “The Blacker the Berry,” “Alright,” and freestyle

Labeled “controversial” by supportive host LL Cool J, Lamar performed “The Blacker the Berry” while chained together with a line of prisoners trudging through a prison. The dark setting immediately transitioned into a visually stunning glow­-in-­the-­dark dance break, with Lamar freeing himself from his chains and performing his hit song “Alright” amidst a burning fire.

Lamar’s performance has been called ground-­breaking for his depiction of contemporary experiences of African Americans in the United States. The performance was not only a social statement, but an entertaining spectacle that will likely go down in Grammy history.

5. Ellie Goulding and Andra Day: “Love Me Like You Do” and “Rise Up” mashup

Goulding and Day’s breathtaking mashup of their hit songs “Love Me Like You” and “Rise Up,” proved how much both artists are fully capable of standing alone with their vocals, yet making something beautiful when combined together.

Having artists step onto the stage without backup dancers and visual distractions is so refreshing. A performance like this reminds us why we watch the Grammys and why we all share this universal love for music. It reminds us of the talent that got these artists to where they are today.