Cougar Chronicle says goodbye to A&E editor

Tiffany Trent, Opinion Editor


Graduating senior Lexy Perez is the epitome of strength, grace and beauty. She loves boldly and embraces life with a smile.

Perez is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in literature and writing. She transferred from Palomar College in fall 2013 and has been a part of the core staff at The Cougar Chronicle since fall 2014.

Writing and journalism have always been something Perez is passionate about.

“I have always loved writing since I was little,” she said, “I loved reading and was fascinated with the concept that people used writing to create something beautiful in stories. Writing was always something fun for me to do and I never stopped loving it.”

Her enthusiasm for writing has cultivated and nurtured her skill and talent. Her writing is genuine and powerful and conveys the beauty of humanity while staying true to herself.

After graduation, Perez plans on pursuing a career in writing and editing. Her dream is to write for a big publication or a fashion magazine.

“I hope to do something I love everyday so it never has to feel like a job,” Perez said.

She has already begun paving her path of success. She currently works as a content writer for Ashley Tisdale’s website, The Haute Mess (, and is working on establishing a blog to feature her writing. In addition, she has made huge strides for The Cougar Chronicle, scoring previews to exclusive events and interviews with famous actors that no other college newspaper has been able to cover.

Her natural gift and passion is apparent in her writing. She always manages to get the scoop in interviews and is always on top of current events and local hangouts. She isn’t afraid to take chances and to take charge to make sure her section reaches its fullest potential in every edition she has overseen. She is always open to new ideas and ways to improve her own writing and the writing of others.

I am blessed and honored to call Perez one of my closest and dearest friends. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious, as is her willingness to take risks. She is always there to pick you up when you are feeling down and is one of the most supportive and understanding people I know. Perez is an absolutely beautiful human being, inside and out. Her strength, optimism, perseverance and loyalty inspire me everyday. She has a huge heart and never gives up on those she loves.

Congratulations, Lexy! I am bursting with pride and joy over your accomplishments, both academically and in life. You mean the world to me and I truly thank God for your friendship. I am so happy to experience this milestone of graduation with you and see where life takes you next. An abundance of success and happiness is in your future, just wait and see. Now go out and achieve your dreams, dear friend. The world is yours for the taking.