Spirits lurk in local lagoon and food chain

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Spirits lurk in local lagoon and food chain

Briana Osuna, Assistant Features Editor

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Buena Vista Lagoon, located off of I-5 between Oceanside and Carlsbad is known for being the only fresh water lagoon in California. Many people visit the site and are able to enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather. However, many don’t know that underneath the placid water it is rumored that a burial ground known as Oceanside’s Buena Vista Cemetery resided.

Long ago, people laid their loved ones to rest in this very location. However, after time people began to move the bodies of their beloveds to another cemetery. It is rumored that the remains of bodies not transferred to a new location have been discovered.

People who now occupy and visit the commercialized site reported seeing full body apparitions. Citizens who live nearby claim they have heard weird sounds and people calling out their name.

Following this idea, Hunter Steakhouse, located fairly close to the lagoon is said to be a victim of the cemeteries haunting as well. It is said that sometime ago while the I-5 was being built, the remains of bodies were discovered. Some workers of the popular food chain have reported unusual experiences. These incidents include female employees feeling their hair being stroked, flickering lights and alarms that randomly go off.

There is another mythical legend about the lagoon and a tale of a siren lurking in the depths. Legend has it that the demented female lures visitors in by acting as a damsel in distress. Those who catch sight of her in the bottom of the water are quick to dive to her rescue.

However, they soon discover that the woman is not injured. She reels in the victims by biting their necks and pulling them into the bottomless lagoon, never to be seen again.

Upon visiting the lagoon, nothing appeared out of the ordinary. If these haunting legends are true, it doesn’t seem to bother the locals.

Regardless of what you believe to be true, the thought of supernatural forces lurking along a nearby location sure brings the thrill of the Halloween season to life.

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