Women’s volleyball reigns victorious at Regional Tournament

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Women’s volleyball reigns victorious at Regional Tournament

Hannah Snider, Sports Editor

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On Feb. 19 women’s club volleyball team swept away the competition at the Regional Tournament hosted by Cal State San Bernardino.


The Cougars played Cal State Fullerton and Cal State San Bernardino winning both games. The team was expected to play UCI however, the Anteaters were unable to attend.

The Titans proved to be a challenging team pushing the Cougars to their limits. The first set ended 25-13, the second 23-25 and the third breaking the tie 13-7 with the Cougars triumphant.

“During these games the team’s energy was so upbeat, there was no bringing us down. With every point we scored there was an enormous amount of cheering, we were so optimistic. Every player trusted one another, there was true chemistry on the court,”said Vice President Danaye Zaragoza.

In the second game the Coyotes attempted to break the Cougars but with no prevail. The team dominated the court once more leaving the first set 25-18 and the second 26-24.


After a successful tournament and coming in first in their region so far, the Cougars are looking forward to the rest of their season with big plans ahead.

“Our plans for the rest of the season are to come out first at our crossover tournament on March fifth which will give us a good standing during Championships on April 1. Also, we are looking forward to going to Las Vegas for a two day tournament just before spring break on the 17 and 18,” said President Anna Jensen.

The Cougars next tournament will be on March 5 at Claremont Colleges at 9 a.m. The women’s club volleyball team will be having a clothing drive fundraiser and will be accepting donations until March 11, to stay connected follow them at their Instagram: csusm_clubvolleyball.

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