Three ways to revamp your bedroom

Sara Freitag, Opinion Editor

Whether freshly moved into a cramped dorm or still rocking the same bedroom since childhood, we could all utilize creative ideas to masterfully maximize the space we call our own.  What better way than to show off our most treasured items?  

Transform those sterile walls into sublime perfection.  Curate the overrun shelves of your bookcase into artistic masterpieces, and throw it back to the 70’s with a simple and tasteful DIY project.  Whether space is limited, or you simply desire to show off your personality, use these tricks and your bedroom will soon become a safe haven from which you never wish to leave.

Hang your hats!

Sara Freitag
Maximize space while displaying hats in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Has that looming wall space been haunting you since day one?  Can’t figure out how to decorate without it becoming overbearing?  Now you can do so, and discover a home for those hats which you know will inevitably lose themselves on the floor anyway.


Display your books in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Sara Freitag
Create a restful environment by creating artwork out of your most beautiful book covers.

I’m a book junkie.  I have upwards of 100 books in my personal library, and it’s ever-increasing.  This can become overwhelming, but I have made it a mission to specifically hunt down beautiful covers (as well as unveil hidden treasures underneath their ugly paper covers).  Do what you can with your prettiest covers and place the rest behind cabinets in order to cultivate a place of peace and rest for the eye.


Create your very own Macrame hangers.

Sara Freitag
Take pride in creating your own macrame hangers while giving your room a 70s flare.

I love the fact that styles recycle themselves throughout the years.  Macrame hangers were popular in the 70’s, and for a good reason.  These practical plant hangers allow for a bit of greenery to spice up the otherwise dull corners of your bedroom.  

Make a trip to Michaels and pick up a couple small terracotta pots, a can of white spray paint, a couple wooden or metal rings and some strong white rope.

You make the choice between fake and real plants.  Though I’m an avid fan of real plants, my Macrame hangers are directly above my bed, and I’d prefer not to experience the feeling of freshly-watered plants dripping on my head as I sleep (although, maybe that would actually get me out of bed, as opposed to my alarm clock…hmmm).

Here is the particular link I used to make mine!