ASI presents new representatives for students


ASI board of directors being sworn in.

Stephany Mejia, News Editor

ASI held a Board of Directors meeting on Sept. 15 led by ASI President Louis Adamsel. The agenda of the meeting included swearing in new members to join the Board of Directors.

Rex Andrade now holds the position of Executive Vice President. Andrade is a United States Navy veteran.

Anna Rapada is now Chair and Chief of Staff. She had previously been part of ASI but resigned due to personal problems.

Kim Anderson is Student at Large Representative for Sustainability. She is in various clubs including the Environmental Studies Club and the Ocean Conservation Club.

Cassie Wolff is the new Veteran Students Representative. She is not a veteran but is a military spouse. She currently works at the Veteran Center and said she would like to help veterans know resources on campus.

“As of now I see a lot of [veterans] kind of stuck in their military thoughts and I’m just trying to be that voice to help them open their eyes that this campus brings a lot of diversity and opportunities for them,” said Wolff.

The board asked everyone in the visitor section to step out of the room for a closed session. During the closed session the board discussed the lawsuit Nathan Apodaca & Students for Life at CSUSM v. CSUSM.

Chief Diversity Officer Joe-Joe McManus attended the meeting. He projected President Haynes speech on DACA students and spoke about a potential resource center for DACA students on campus.

The board passed a resolution regarding their support for DACA students.