Make an adorable and inexpensive Christmas decoration


Briana Osuna

Inexpensive sock snowman under the christmas tree adds a perfect christmas magic.

Briana Osuna, Features Editor

December is here which means it is now acceptable to begin decorating for Christmas. Unfortunately, Christmas decorations can be quite expensive. That’s why I always try to craft up some of my own decor. Not only is it cheaper, but it also adds more character! One of my favorite things I’ve made so far is sock snowmen from These snowmen are both inexpensive and easy to create. They consist of items you probably have laying around your house.


All you need is:

A white sock (crew length)

A colored sock

2 rubber bands

3 buttons

Pink and black marker

Orange pom pom

Old t-shirt or ribbon (optional)

Uncooked rice

Glue gun


Begin by filling the white sock with rice. This will act as the head and body of the snowman. The amount of rice you insert into the sock depends on how big you want your snowman to be. I recommend filling the sock until about ankle length. This creates a plump snowman.

Once you are content with the size of your snowman, take a rubber band and tie it to the top. Take another rubber band and tie it around the area filled with rice. Be sure to make the bottom area a bit larger than the top to differentiate between the body and head. Cut off the excess sock that is above the top rubber band.

Next, grab the buttons and glue them in a vertical line. Draw on eyes and a mouth using a black marker, create cheeks by using a pink marker. Glue on the orange pom pom below the eyes and above the mouth, this will act as the nose.

Grab the ribbon or a thin rectangular piece of shirt to tie around the neck of the snowman to create a scarf. Grab the colored sock and cut off the heel part of the sock and discard. Slightly roll the sock to create a fold. Place the colored sock on top of the snowman’s head to create a beanie. That’s it, the snowman is complete.

Get creative and change up the snowman’s look. Use googly eyes instead of markers, or a button instead of a pom pom! Make multiple sock snowmen of various sizes and color to create a little snow family.

These snowmen are simple and inexpensive to create. However, they add a ton of Christmas cheer to any room the reside in.