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Student Athlete Spotlight: Baseball & Softball

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Isaias Torres, Catcher/Designated Hitter, Senior.


What is your major and what do you plan to do with your degree?


Kinesiology with a pre health emphasis and a minor in Biology. I hope to go to medical school after graduation or a post-bachelaurete program.


Who inspired you to play baseball and do you have favorite basketball player or team?


My father introduced me to the sport at around 4 years old and I grew a passion for it. He always put a baseball right next to me and offered to play catch. Making him proud by playing the sport that he also grew up playing is something that I want to keep doing.


How long have you been playing at CSUSM? Any highlights throughout  your career?


This is my 3rd season. Last season, I hit two home-runs in a game – one was a grand slam and the other one tied the game.


Do you plan on continuing baseball in the future as a coach or a player?


I’d want to coach here and there, nothing serious though more of an instructor. I’d rather coach my own kids and share my knowledge. Maybe help my brother out too.


What do you do to prepare for a game?


I like to mentally visualize what to expect in different game situations. In my free time, I do a lot of tee and fundamental work, extra work on my own off the field. I always like to improve and keep in good physical shape because it’s a long season.

Do you like to listen to music before games? Who do you listen to?

I listen to Flume, some Drake, gotta include Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA and some J. Cole and The Killers. I like to keep it diverse.

What made you choose CSUSM?

It’s a beautiful area with great weather to play in. I just saw myself here. It wasn’t easy because nothing was ever given to me. I had to work hard to get here and earn everything I have now.



Kat Calderon, Outfielder, Junior.

What is your major?

I’m a Human development major with an emphasis in health services.

Who inspired you to play softball?

My dad because he played collegiate baseball. I started playing when I was 7 and he helped me out a lot. He would come to my tournaments and was very involved in my life though he lived in Southern California and I lived in Northern California.

Do you have any siblings?

I have a lot actually, two  younger sisters, an older brother, and a younger brother. One of my sister plays softball at El Camino College and my younger brother plays baseball.

How do you prepare before a game?

Before games, I always try not to eat too much. I like drinking a lot of water that week of games to stay hydrated.

How do you handle nerves before a game?

I try to be very relaxed and open minded. During practices, I like learning new concepts and drills. When I’m struggling with drills, I try not to be in my head so much because I used to be a very mental player.

What made you choose CSUSM?

I visited with my two other teammates that transferred from my junior college I attended. We just knew that we were going to come here. I never really thought twice about it. I fell in love with the campus, it was really beautiful. The coach was also really easy to talk to and very approachable.

What is the highlight of your Cougar career?

My two game-winning hits – one against California Baptist University and the second one against San Francisco State University.

Do you plan on continuing softball in the future as a coach or a player?

Of course, I want to major in Sports Management and get my masters. I’ve grown up with sports and athletes my whole life. I would also go back to my junior college and help coach over there.


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