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The various student centers in the USU are a valuable resource students should know about and utilize.

The various student centers in the USU are a valuable resource students should know about and utilize.

Abby Costelow

Abby Costelow

The various student centers in the USU are a valuable resource students should know about and utilize.

Samantha Carrillo, Assistant Opinion Editor

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The start of the fall 2018 semester welcomed nearly 2,500 freshman and 2,000 transfer students to campus according to an article in the CSUSM Newscenter.


As a second year, I recently started getting used to the layout of CSUSM and fully appreciating the programs and support systems offered to students.


After the first few days of my Math 115 class last fall, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do the best without any extra help. I wasn’t sure what to think when I entered the Math Lab (located in Kellogg 1109), having only heard about it in one of my previous classes. The tutors at the Math Lab were very understanding and made sure I understood what I was learning. If they were ever unsure about a problem, they would always double check with another tutor. Despite being a person who has never been great at math, I passed the class and I’m extremely grateful for the help I received.


The support CSUSM provides for students however, isn’t always related to academic success. Food insecurity can be a major affliction for many families which is why CSUSM created the Cougar Pantry- a program I wish I had found out about earlier in my first year. The Cougar Pantry allows any CSUSM student (with a student ID) to visit once a week. Students can receive dry, canned and non-perishable items as well as produce, milk and toiletries on occasion. The Cougar Pantry office is located in the University Student Union 3100A.


Other important resources are the various centers in the USU building: the Gender Equity Center, the LGBTQIA Pride Center, [email protected] Center, Cross-Cultural Center, the Black Student Center and more. All centers provide a safe and welcoming environment by offering students a space to relax and study; some even have free coffee. In addition, most of the centers offer access to microwaves, a fridge and free printing for up to 10 pages per day.


Lastly, if a student is ever in any physical, mental or emotional pain, the Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) office (located directly across the USU) is a safe place to visit on campus. SHCS offers any medication necessary at affordable prices and it is well-equipped with counselors and a variety of programs that promote health and wellness.


It’s important that we recognize all of the services provided for us. Our campus has done a wonderful job in prioritizing the well-being of students and we should take advantage of these programs and organizations. All of these resources make me feel extremely grateful to attend a university like CSUSM.

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