Congratulations and farewell to President Karen Haynes


Photo Courtesy of CSUSM

President Haynes poses for a photo


As we all may know, beloved CSUSM President Karen Haynes will be retiring within the next year. For this edition, we wanted to take the time to give our gratitude to President Haynes.

President Haynes has accomplished so much during the past 14 years, her work at CSUSM has been nothing short of incredible. Not only has she expanded CSUSM programs, buildings and centers, but she also became the longest-seated CSU president.

The CSUSM student body has boosted under her leadership and our university became the safest campus in the CSU system. She has created a welcoming and uplifting environment for all Cougars, ensuring that all faculty, staff and students know that they matter.

President Haynes has achieved far more than what we have mentioned, but quite frankly it would take a whole newspaper edition to talk about all of her accomplishments.

It is bittersweet to say goodbye to someone has has done so much for our campus. President Haynes’ journey with CSUSM will soon come to an end, but when one journey ends, another one begins. There are great things awaiting for President Haynes and we are so happy for her!

Fortunately, President Haynes will not be leaving us until next year. But time flies so fast that before we know it, we will be saying our final farewell. So, before our time with President Haynes ends, here are a few words from us to President Haynes.

Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work for the CSUSM community. Although we were a small school, you saw great potential and made it possible for our campus to flourish to what it is today. Your accomplishments have and will make a long lasting impact on our community and future Cougars.

Your endeavors and achievements shall never be forgotten. Congratulations on your well deserved retirement and may you treasure the journey that awaits you. It has been an honor.