Find a great place to study on campus


Kathleen Capiro

The Grit

A laid back environment complemented by good brews and atmospheric music is what you can expect at Grit Coffee. Despite its

Kathleen Capiro

distance from campus and early closing time of 8 p.m.. This particular study site is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of CSUSM. Cozying up with some tea or coffee while you get to studying for that big exam is the perfect way to decompress while still getting in the zone. Seating ranges from large tables and quaint booths to an outdoor patio and bar, nearly all of which come equipped with outlets.



4th Floor of the Kellogg Library

A great place to study is the fourth floor of the library above

Courtesy of CSUSMlibrary

Starbucks. This area offers a quiet place for students to concentrate and get their homework done. It has a great view of the Kellogg Plaza, and the ambience of the place is calm. The fifth floor of library has a great seating area with a nice view of the mountains and the fields. If you are more comfortable working in a desk area, there are plenty of individual desks to study in. If you’re studying with a group, since the fourth and fifth areas are more quiet, they are probably not the best places to go. Instead, the second and third floors of the library are the right places for you and your group.

The Great Outdoors

The combination of San Diego’s typically fair weather and CSUSM’s campus design is something to take advantage of if you love nature

Courtesy of CSUSM’s instagram
Photo taken of Markstein build-
ing on Sept. 28, 2018.

and being outdoors. There are plenty of areas around campus where you can study. For example, behind SBSB, in front of the library, near the Arts building, in the USU patio, etc. Being outside can relax you and help eliminate the stress you feel while studying. Once the rain stops, you can be outside all you want.

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