International Women’s Day promotes gender-balanced society

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International Women’s Day isn’t being promoted as women gaining power over everyone else, it’s about promoting balance between all genders, including women.


According to the International Women’s Day website, International Women’s Day is a year long campaign that promotes for change and growth within our society. Women have struggled to find “gender-balance” within our society.


People may question why there’s only one day out of the year to acknowledge women and their achievements across history. Women have fought for equity throughout history and into present day.


Many people may not realize the adversities that come with being a woman, especially within modern times. Some may argue and question why there isn’t one acknowledging men.


Generally speaking, men are more acknowledged in political, social, economic and cultural climates than women or other genders. Due to this, there’s a day dedicated to celebrating the progress made by women throughout modern history.


Our society is becoming more gender-balanced. It’s things like International Women’s Day that remind everyone of how we got here and promote ways to continue this improvement.


Looking back at our history, women were designated as the sole caretakers of the house and the children. Not to say that being a stay at home mom isn’t a tough job itself, but there were less opportunities for women than men in the workforce and through education.


We aren’t perfect when it comes to equality. That doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate the progress we have made in our society. There’s still discrimination against women, however, it’s so much better than it used to be and hopefully it’ll continue getting better for future generations to come.


For example, before discrimination policies were implemented, pregnant women were often denied employment due to pregnancy-related conditions.


Women of the United States went from having no voting rights to having a voice and role in politics.


Today, we have women climbing up the ladder of professional hierarchy more so than ever before. The United States now has women who are of higher positions in the military, women as sports announcers, women CEOs, etc.


International Women’s Day is a well-deserving day for our society. It’s important to celebrate those who aren’t celebrated as much, such as, women. Think of the women who have impacted your life and thank them. It’s important to appreciate and acknowledge those women not only during this day, but everyday.