ASI Elections Committee announces new ASI officers


Krystina Andrade

ASI candidates share their plans on the ASI candidate open forum event on March 21.

Adrianna Adame, Assistant Opinion Editor

The ASI Election results for the 2019/20 academic school year came in on Thursday, March 28 at noon.


A crowd of students gathered at the USU Arcade to hear the election results.


Before Anna Rapada and Paulette Cruz, chair of the ASI Election Committee, announced the election results, they talked about how the number of student votes for this election showed “the most anticipation that we have seen in recent years,” “13,776 ballots were sent out and 1,691 students voted.”


The election results for college representatives were first announced.


Keith Lin and Genessis Quezada were elected as the College of Education, Health & Human Services (CEHHS) Representatives.


Timothy Pelayo was elected as the College of Business Administration (CoBA) Representative.


Devon Kimbrough, Rylee Spencer, Shovan Vatandoust and Inique Wilson were elected as the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences (CHABSS) Representatives.


Gabby Garcia was elected as Student at Large Representative for Diversity & Inclusion.


Eliese Holt was elected as Student at Large Representative for Sustainability.


Then, the results for the executive board announced. Jaelyn Freeman was elected as Chair and Chief of Staff. Michelle Tran was elected as Vice President of Student and University Affairs. Mariana Rosales was elected as Executive Vice President.


Lastly, Kenny Tran, who is the current ASI Executive Vice President, was announced as the new ASI President and CEO.


“I’m very excited, because this is something that I’ve been waiting for since my first year on campus… I’m excited to take the next step in leading this great organization to continue all the great work that ASI has done for the school,” he said.


During his campaign, Tran’s goals focused on the financial wellness of students, increase of involvement of TUKWUT Pride, environmental justice and community partnerships.


“I know the election results were mixed… but I think that that is almost a strength because that is going to keep us accountable and is truly representative of the student body, so I’m really glad about how everything has turned out,” he said.


The newly elected officials will formally take office on Friday, May 10.


More information about the election results are posted on the ASI Election website at