Miiyu Welcomes Freshmen to CSUSM


The Orientation Team, Dean of Students, Department of Athletics, USU Live! and ASI worked together to organize Miiyu to welcome freshmen to CSUSM. One of the MC’s at the event explained that the word Miiyu means “hello” in Luiseno.


During the beginning of Miiyu, students were given a free “I paw CSUSM” t-shirt when they signed in. Students were also given the opportunity to win prizes, such as gift cards and parking passes by winning one of the many games played. Some of these games included Cougar Trivia, Minute to Win It, and a scavenger hunt that was played through the CSUSM Mobile App. There was also a competitive head-to-head karaoke contest that energized the crowd.


After some games, ASI President Kenny Tran and Jaelyn Freeman, the Chair ASI Board of Directors, welcomed students to CSUSM before introducing University President Dr. Ellen Neufeldt. Dr. Neufeldt further pumped up the crowd by showing school spirit before saying that “I am thrilled to be here with you, it is going to be a great year…” and concluded her speech by saying that “I am glad to be here with you tonight.”


The MC then introduced CSUSM’s fight song and had students chant school spirit that is often used for CSUSM’s sports teams. The cheer team also cheered along with students.


Then, all the students at Miiyu got together to pose for the graduating class of 2023 class photo. The MC called the class photo a “time honored tradition” for CSUSM freshmen.


A different MC then took the stage to begin a series of meet and greets, where for each group activity, students formed groups based on birth month, favorite color and interests. Students got to mingle with each group that they were in and meet other freshmen. Groups also did things like take selfies together, form a synchronized dance group and form a conga line. Towards the end of the meet and greets, a rock paper scissors tournament was held. All the students at Miiyu competed until the final four winners went on stage, until there was one final winner.


During the second half of Miiyu, a carnival was held outside the USU on the first floor. At the carnival were a variety of games and activities such as basketball, rock climbing, an inflatable bouncy course, arcade games, arts and crafts, giant versions of Scrabble and Jenga and henna. 


There was also a photo booth for students to take pictures with their friends and Crash, the school mascot. A crowd of students danced in front of the outdoor stage were a DJ was performing. Free pizza was also provided to students.


Mariah Hernandez, a second-year liberal studies major and member of the Orientation Team who volunteered at Miiyu, said that “I thought it [Miiyu] was way better than last year, because last year, I think it was… a little bit disorganized… but this year I think it was more fun and people generally seemed to like it more.” Hernandez also said that, “My favorite part was telling students to just grab a box of pizza, because we had so many left over,” after realizing the Department of Athletics had ordered too much pizza.


Overall, it appeared that students enjoyed themselves throughout the night, as there was a lot of smiling, laughter and energy.