Student Organization Fair presents variety of involvement opportunities

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The biannual Student Organization Fair provides students an opportunity to get more involved on campus and to network for their potential careers.

There are more than 100 student organizations at CSUSM and over 80 of those organizations gathered together at the fall 2019 Student Organization Fair to share information with students in the USU Ballroom on Sept.5 from 11a.m. to 1 p.m.

The organizations that were present at the fair ranged from academic, special interests, religious, political, service and Greek Life.

Many students shuffled through rows of tables searching for the right club or organization for them.

Some students immediately seemed to know what they were looking for while others went to the Student Organization Fair to find a match.

Certain organizations, such as the Communication Society, Pre-Health Society and CSUSM Marketing Society revolve around networking and career development toward specific areas.

These clubs provide an opportunity to educate and offer other ways for career building through internships and volunteering.

Towards the back of the ballroom included honor societies, fraternities and sororities. Many honor societies, such as Psi Chi, which is an honor society in psychology, provides opportunity to aid in advancing science within that field. It’s an opportunity for scholarship, educational achievement and fundraising events.

Some of these organizations aren’t just for career development, but for those that have other interests and hobbies. From Theater Club to Transitions Collective, CSUSM provides a variety of different options for all kinds of students to become a member of.

Special interests clubs are organizations made to share an interest with those in the group, but also can be for empowering a belief, providing services towards a pas- sion or learning more about an interest.

Popular organizations with increasing student attention included Anime and Gaming Club, Greek organizations and Power lifting Club. The Anime and Gaming Club in particular received increasing attention due to many students being able to come by and play Super Smash Bros.

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