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Lover was released on Aug. 23,

Album: Lover

Taylor Swift fans were ecstatic when the 29-year-old released her seventh album over the summer. As Swift herself said, Lover is a “love letter to love,” and it showcases the whole spectrum of love, including casual romance, dedicated relationships and affection for family. The album’s mood is light and optimistic, while also being mature and honest. Musically, it is an eclectic mix: primarily 80s synth-pop and electropop with traces of country, R&B, dream pop and funk. Deep without being heavy, all about love but not sappy and very catchy, Lover just might be Swift’s best work yet. 




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Krista Tippett is the host of the “Becoming Wise” podcast.



Podcast: “Becoming Wise”

If you’re looking for a brief yet enlightening podcast to teach and inspire you, “Becoming Wise” might be what you’re looking for. Host, Krista Tippett, brings in a wide variety of guests from all fields, to speak on anything from happiness and hope to empathy and social change. Guests can be scientists, philosophers or activists, all with the desire to share their wisdom and expertise with others. Most episodes run a mere five to seven minutes, so listening will be easy to fit into your schedule, whether it be in between study sessions or while you’re driving around town.

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Awkwafina garnered critical acclaim for her performance in The Farewell.



Movie: The Farewell

Lulu Wang’s recent film, The Farewell, is a powerful and inspiring movie about the beautiful chaos of family. Second generation Chinese-American young woman, Billi (Awkwafina), discovers that her beloved grandmother is dying and her traditional family refuses to tell their matriarch of her terminal illness because it goes against their culture. The film may focus on a specific culture but the themes of family bonds, grief and finding your place in the world give it universal appeal. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll leave the theater with a renewed appreciation of Chinese-American culture and the depth of familial ties.


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“The Tubman Command” was published May 7, 2019.



Book: “The Tubman Command”

Rediscover the greatness of American hero, Harriet Tubman, in this novel based on historical events. Set in 1863 at a critical juncture in the Civil War, “The Tubman Command” follows Tubman on one of her most dangerous missions: going behind enemy lines and freeing 750 slaves to become Union soldiers. She leaves her home and husband behind to lead her team on the quest, risking all for freedom and country. Author, Katherine Cobbs, writes with historical accuracy but infuses life into what we often perceive as distant historical events and figures while paying tribute to Tubman’s tremendous spirit and courage.



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