CSUSM v. Simon Fraser


California State University San Marcos’ women’s soccer team played Simon Fraser University and tied 0-0. The game was held at CSUSM’s “The Cage” on Sat. Sept. 14 at 12:30pm. The game was a long and rigorous one,with the Cougars going into overtime, not once but twice against Simon Fraser.


The top performers, according to CSUSM Athletics, were sophomore Hannah Arcala, no. 4, and senior Lauren Perry, no. 12. Arcala with five shots and two on goal, and Perry also with five shots and one on goal. 


Neither teams were  able to hit the back of the net despite the multiple shots on goal. The Cougars kept their shots to a minimum in the first half with only two, opposed to Simon Fraser’s one. However in the second half, the Cougars came in hot and attempted 10 shots, as opposed to Simon Fraser not attempting any shots on goal. 


Each overtime was 10 minutes, totaling for 20 minutes altogether., the Cougars managed to get through the drawn out game. The Cougars attempted two shots on goal during overtime and Simon Fraser none, however neither of their attempts reached net.


The Cougars held possession of the ball the majority of the game, however when Simon Fraser  took possession and attempted to score, the Cougars’ defense were quick to attack and eventually regained possession. The Cougars’ skills were demonstrated through how easily they were able to settle the ball from goal kicks and make quick touches to pass the ball to their teammates. 


Overall, the game was intense as both teams fought for possession , however neither prevailed in scoring. The game finished with a tie and when asked to comment, the coach was unavailable. The Cougars’  would go on to lose their next match against No.1 UC San Diego 0-2 Thurs. Sept 19

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