Professor inspires students and athletes

Erik Blekeberg feels very passionate about his student’s achievements, both in the classroom and in the athletic program.

Courtesy of CSUSM Athletics

Erik Blekeberg feels very passionate about his student’s achievements, both in the classroom and in the athletic program.

As students, we don’t always dig too deep into who our professors are. Rather, we check out their ratings on Rate My Professor, listen to what fellow students have to say about them and go from there. This principle does not apply to Erik Blekeberg. Blekeberg has been a professor here at Cal State San Marcos since Jan. of 2014. He teaches for the Biology department and specializes in educating students in the subjects of Anatomy and Physiology. 

Blekeberg completed his bachelor’s in 2007 and his master’s in 2014 in Kinesiology at San Diego State University. He worked at a gym for a while as he started out post-college, but he wasn’t satisfied and felt he could do more. He eventually landed a position with the Carlsbad Army and Navy Academy as the strength and conditioning coach. 

After a few years with the Academy, Blekeberg saw that a position at CSUSM had opened up. Not thinking much of it, he applied. The position was for an open lecture pool for Biology. Sure enough, he ended up teaching the next semester, beginning his journey here at CSUSM in Jan. 2014. He taught a lab, picked up more classes the following semester and that was that. 

CSUSM might just have been the perfect match for Blekeberg. Although he had left his passion for fitness, he found a passion for teaching here. It had been a long-time goal for CSUSM to transition from NAIA to an NCAA division II athletic program. Blekeberg knew this was coming and applied for the position of Sports Performance Coach. Sure enough, in Aug. 2016 just before the transition was complete, Jennifer Milo, CSUSM’s Athletic Director, announced Erik Blekeberg as the university’s new Sports Performance coach.

Now, Blekeberg serves as an adjunct professor, sports performance coach and advisor for CSUSM’s Powerlifting Club. In the future, he plans to become a strength and conditioning coach for a division I school.

According to Blekeberg, his most important accomplishment thus far in his journey, was discovering that  “being prepared, having a positive attitude and a vision for the future” is the key to his overall success and happiness. Some of his favorite hobbies include listening to music, cooking, baking and enjoying food with his wife. 


“If you don’t know what career you want for the future, go out, intern or volunteer…find what you like and find what you’re good at,” Blekberg said.