Conversation with Student-Athlete of the Month


Photo courtesy of CSUSM Athletics

Jamie Jacob is September’s Student-Athlete of the Month.

Q.What is your major? What do you plan to do with your degree?

A: My major is Global Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing. After shooting my shot at the professional golf level, I hope to work up to be a global marketing manager or an operations manager for an international golf company. Staying within the industry is my goal.


Q: What are your thoughts on winning CSUSM students-athlete of the Month?

A: I am always grateful to be acknowledged as a CSUSM Athlete of the Month. I hope it brings more awareness toward the success of our athletic department, most specifically our women’s golf team.


Q:How do you feel you have been performing this season as a player as well as in a team?

A: I think that our performance as a team this season has gone very well. We have won both of the tournaments that we have played in so far. That being said, I think that our team can score even lower than we have been and I am excited to see that happen later this season. I view my own performance similarly. It has been good but I look forward to making some improvements from things I have learned in our first two events.


Q: How do you handle the stress and pressure of being a student-athlete?

A: I don’t think anyone has a perfect answer for that, but I must say that the stress and pressure of being a student-athlete is incomparable to anything I have ever experienced. I am a senior now and have had three years of experience in dealing with the stress and pressure and it really never gets easier but I am grateful for the experience it is providing me.


Q: Why did you choose to join Cal State San Marcos?

A:I chose to be a student-athlete at Cal State San Marcos because of its beautiful location and because of the promise for growth. I am proud to be part of the growth of this campus and look forward to the large world-renowned university that it will become down the road.


Q: What are your expectations for your team and yourself moving forward?

A:I expect myself and my team to keep building upon the championship mindset. We are a team that shows up to tournaments with the intention and motivation to win and I want us to build upon that. Overall, we have a great time on the course and at tournaments and I want us to continue to enjoy the experience.


Q: After earning many awards and accomplishments throughout your career, what motivates you to keep going strong?

A: I am fortunate to say that I do not need much external motivation to continue to push forward. Each tournament we play at is an opportunity for me to grow and an opportunity for me to represent this university well. That being said, it would be nice to create some records that will be hard for future athletes to beat!


Q: Any things you hope to do before your season ends?

A: Before my season ends, I would like to win the National Championship as a team. We are capable of it and it is an experience that I want to have with this team. A regional championship would be nice too. 


Q: What will you miss most about playing golf at CSUSM?

A: Everything. My experience of playing golf at this university could not have gone better and I will miss every part of it from workouts to practices, to fun travel memories with my team and the entire athletic department. I truly feel like I have a family here and don’t want to lose touch with it.


The next outing for Ms. Jacob and the CSUSM Women’s Golf team is the DII National Preview at Country Club of ST. Albans in St.Albans, MO on Oct. 14