The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown


EP: Hallucinations
On Oct. 25, alt-rock band PVRIS released Hallucinations, an EP with five songs. The band explores elements of electro and melodic synth-pop while keeping true to the roots and emotions behind their music. The EP opens with the title track, “Hallucinations,” which is synth-heavy and pays homage to their electro-rock roots. “Nightmare” is the EP’s most upbeat song and is more on the electro-pop side of the spectrum “Things Are Better” is a vulnerable ballad with soft piano melodies that compliment the lyrics about lead singer Lynn Gunn’s relationship between herself and fans The EP is a preview of what PVRIS has in store for their upcoming album to be released next year. 


TV Show: Living with Yourself

Netflix’s Living with Yourself gives a new perspective on human cloning. Comedic all-star Paul Rudd plays Miles Elliot, a man who is worn out by life and is recommended by a coworker to undergo a mysterious “spa treatment.” After undergoing this treatment, Miles wakes up in the middle of a forest and has to walk six hours back home only to discover that he has been cloned. Throughout the show, Miles attempts to live with his clone but faces the repercussions of keeping it a secret from his wife. Living with Yourself, which is made up of eight 30-minute episodes, brilliantly mixes sci-fi, drama and comedy all into one binge-worthy show. 


Online Series: “So True, Y’all!”

“So True, Y’all!” is a weekly video series released every Tuesday on Facebook and YouTube. It is produced by “It’s a Southern Thing,” a group that creates stories and videos celebrating the quirkiness and hilarity of the Southern United States. Some of my favorite episodes are “If the Twilight Zone Was Southern” and “When It Feels Like Summer Won’t End.” The success of the series comes from its clever script and talented actors who appear to have great chemistry. Each video generally runs two to five minutes and is full of relatable, laugh-out-loud comedy whether you are from the South or not. 


Film: Jojo Rabbit

From the imagination of eccentric filmmaker Taika Waititi comes Jojo Rabbit, a film that many either love or hate. Set in Nazi Germany, it follows a young boy who is so pro-Nazi that his imaginary friend is an immature Adolf Hitler. His world is changed when he realized that his mother Rosie (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic and he must decide what to believe in. While the satirical film has drawn criticism for making light of serious problems, it has also garnered praise for the actors’ performances and for telling a difficult story with heart and humor.