No update available on CC unit probe

Last month, The Cougar Chronicle published a story regarding a university employee who is currently under investigation for allegedly having an inappropriate interaction with someone the employee believed to be a minor.

The person’s employment is under the CSUSM Corporation, not the university itself. The CSUSM Corporation is a self-supporting auxiliary that does not receive funding from state sources. When asked about the investigation, neither Executive Director of the CSUSM Corporation Bella Newberg nor Margaret Chantung of CSUSM’s Office of Communications had additional updates.

“Unfortunately I’m not at liberty to discuss the specifics of the investigation. I also cannot confirm the status of the individual’employment due to employee privacy concerns. No updates are available at this time, however, we remain committed to continuing to work closely with the CSUSM Corporation and law enforcement on this matter,” said Chantung.

However, The San Diego Union-Tribune recently reported that, “A university spokeswoman said the person is no longer working on campus, but that ‘we do have to allow for due process.’” The video that exposed the individual has since been removed from YouTube for violating the site’s harassment and cyberbullying policy. The U-T story can be found at