Students speak at open mic to share their mental health struggles

A group of young poets from across campus came together in support of mental health at the Inner Voices open mic on the evening of Nov. 7.

Hosted by the Literature and Writing Club in association with ASI, the purpose of the open mic was to raise awareness about an issue that is not often talked about openly.

In the USU Amphitheater, the cold night air was warmed by the emotional stories and poems from students who opened up about the darkest moments in their lives, the importance of being strong and not being afraid to seek help when it is needed.

Without any restraint, the speakers talked about topics that ranged from failed suicide attempts to relatives that they lost and how much they miss them every day.

One student in particular gave a heart-wrenching story about how she found her brother’s body after he tried to commit suicide. She told the audience about her pain and terror when she thought she was never going to see her brother again.

Her story became even more emotional shortly after when her brother showed up in support of his sister. When he arrived, she recited her poem again, this time with her eyes trained on him, and afterward, she gave him an embrace.

After the scheduled speakers had presented, the stage was opened up to the audience and people from all over came up to share their own stories and experiences with mental illness.

As the night drew to a close, the organizer came up and ended the event with heartfelt appreciation for coming out.

Though the night was cold, attendees left the area warm and uplifted because of the sense of community that had been given that night.