Love Wedding Repeat teaches us to take a chance when it comes to love


Photo by Kat Parra (screenshot)

Netflix’s Love Wedding Repeat is an enjoyable rom-com about taking a chance.

While there are countless movies and TV shows to watch, sometimes a little romantic comedy is just what we need.

Netflix recently released a new film titled Love Wedding Repeat, with a wide cast from Sam Cla-fl into Olivia Munn. This film is not a traditional rom-com; instead, it’s centered around the idea of chance.

The film opens up with Jack (Sam Claflin) who unfortunately does not kiss the girl at the end of the date due to an interruption. She became the girl that got away and he was the one that let her go. There went a missed chance

Years later, he is attempting to successfully run his younger sister’s wedding, where he must juggle uninvited guests (including the girl that got away and exes) and deal with unexpected chaos.

Throughout the entirety of the film, the audience is constantly taken by surprise. The back and forth unexpected humor and occurrences leave the audience feeling entertained and amused. The majority of the film was shot in a venue in Italy. The exterior and interior of the wedding’s location were beautiful along with all the decorations.

Director Dean Craig created a film with a comical theme. Before chaos abrupts, there is a narration by The Oracle (Penny Ryder) in which she delicately says, “We live in a universe that’s ruled by chaos and chance, where all it takes is just one moment of ill-fortune for all our hopes and dreams to go right down the [drain].”

Her statement is very eye-opening, especially for students during these times. It seems as if we all know what the ill-fortune is this time.

Towards the middle part of the film, The Oracle speaks yet again. By this time in the film, a plan has been created to reduce the chaos, a plan that would allow Jack’s sister to have the perfect wed- ding if only Jack can spike her ex’s drink causing him to enter deep sleep.

The Oracle this time asks the question: “Do you know how many different ways eight people can sit around a table? There are thousands.” From this point on, the film unleashes all the possible scenarios for chaos and chance.

Luckily, in the end, the film has a beautiful ending. This one is definitely worth the watch. It has a little bit of everything and the humorous tone carries the film. The wise words of The Oracle are the best part. She teaches the audience that sometimes love will succeed and some- times it will fail.

Whichever scenario we go through, all it takes is a chance. That is the beauty of it all, you have to grab any chance you get no matter when it comes around. In a way, this film teaches us that we set our own fate no matter the chaos we are currently in.

In the end, it all depends on us to make the move when a chance is present to take a leap. Perhaps many of us can take what this film teaches and apply it to our own lives.