Student makes earrings to support Black Lives Matter movement


Photo courtesy of Val Battle Haddock

Val Battle Haddock’s passion for making earrings and her dedication to the Black Lives Matter movement allowed her to raise money for Black organizations in need.

CSUSM junior Val Battle Haddock’s passion for social justice ignited her to begin making earrings in support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Battle Haddock, a Women’s and Gender Sexualities Studies major and Criminology minor, became more aware of widespread injustice in college. 

Battle Haddock created “ValPalEarrings4BLM” on Instagram after attending BLM protests, signing petitions, donating and being inspired by jewelry accounts on Instagram raising money for Black organizations. 

Seeing local BLM protests die down pushed her to take initiative to raise money for the BLM movement on her own. “This was something I could do personally to continue the momentum of the movement, continue the conversation and raise some money,” she said. Battle Haddock started the Instagram page on June 20 and has raised over $545 so far. 

Battle Haddock started creating bread tie earrings because they are easy to find and eco-friendly. She got creative by adding beads to the bread tie earrings, later making new earrings with film slides of photos taken by her parents in the 80s. Her earrings range from $3 to $7. 

Battle Haddock only expected to raise $100, and she was surprised with the growth. “There have been several times where I’ll make a batch of earrings, and they will all be gone within twenty-four hours, it’s crazy!” she said.

Battle Haddock takes suggestions on organizations to donate to from customers and tries to prioritize smaller organizations that might not have as many supporters. She has donated to many organizations so far, including the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund, San Diego Black Queer Housing Initiative, House of Resilience, Portland Bail Fund and Rosehip Medics. She will be donating to the Lysistrata Mutual Care Collective next. 

To remain eco-friendly, Battle Haddock has not purchased any packaging materials and continues to reuse packages and envelopes at home. “I’m happy to say I haven’t spent much money on the packaging process besides just the actual shipment, ” she said. 

Battle Haddock also hosts fun raffles, selling tickets at $2 per entry. Entry names were written on a piece of paper and winners were randomly selected. 

Previously, Battle Haddock’s passion for social justice had led her to the organization Feminists Unite where she has served as both president and vice president at different times. 

Battle Haddock advocates in the realm of gender and sexuality, specifically in reproductive justice. 

Being a lesbian, she is especially passionate about spreading awareness on gay rights and the cis-heterosexual patriarchy. She takes account of her identity being a cis-white woman, and is cautious to avoid taking up too much space. 

Battle Haddock said she wants the BLM movement to keep going strong until everyone has equal justice and respect. 

“Keep the conversation on BLM going. Bring it to your classroom or virtual classroom. Keep educating yourself… this movement is not a moment, but will continue. We need to keep fighting for everyone until they have their proper rights, protections and respect,” said Battle Haddock. 

You can support Battle Haddock’s mission at

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