The Cougar Corner


By Magali Castillo


All we know is yesterday, today and tomorrow.

All we do is sleep, eat and repeat.

All we do is stay in a web of technology.


What does love even mean now?

What does talking one on one even feel now?

What does a life even mean?


It’s like we are swimming in the filth we brought upon ourselves

Our heads come up for a second to catch some air

Then it goes back down to drown.


And the solution is very clear

If the people in charge really stopped for a second to critically think and analyze the before, now and after

We wouldn’t drown.


It only takes one person to change the world

But no leader is found in the pandemic of a new millennium.


Writer Bio:
My name is Magali Castillo and I am a junior at CSUSM majoring in Literature and Writing Studies with a minor in Global Studies. My story as a writer begins at the age of eight years old when lyrics inspired my mind to grab a pencil and notepad to write what I was feeling. Poetry is something that found me when I was in middle school, which made me ask my mom to buy notebooks (thanks Mom) to fill them up with words. Writing is a form of art that allows me to better express myself in comparison to when I talk. I also have taken it as a niche to write in my first language, Spanish. I feel that I can never stop growing when it comes to developing my skills as a writer whether it is poetry, short stories or articles.

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