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Kat Parra, David Faketty, and Esabel Sadek

Space drama Away is now available to stream on Netflix.
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TV Show: Away

Netflix released a new show that dives into the lives of an international crew from all around the world with one mission: to land on Mars. The show revolves around Emma Green (Hilary Swank). Emma and her crew members become closer to one another yet are confronted with numerous catastrophes while on their voyage. In addition, each astronaut is confronted with issues on Earth with their own families while on their journey. Get ready to not only watch a journey through space, but see how being away from Earth affects a person’s life on Earth and in space. –KP


Marie Lu’s Warcross explores the world of eSports.
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Book: Warcross

While Marie Lu’s Warcross might be considered a science fiction novel, her world-building is grounded in reality, especially when regarding eSports. In the future, the world has become obsessed with the video game Warcross. Similar to the real-life game League of Legends, Warcross gained immense popularity to where gamers could play the game professionally, build an organization, compete and get paid. While Warcross is an homage to current growth of eSports, the story itself is of a young adult who must hunt down a Warcross hacker and may need to traverse the darker sides of the internet to do so. –DF



Taylor Swift takes on a new genre in her latest album folklore.
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Album: folklore

Taylor Swift has made her mark on the music industry, writing in genres ranging from country to pop. Swift’s talent in songwriting and storytelling has never failed her fans. Swift reminds listeners of her roots in music with the lyrical masterpiece folklore. The album is filled with cinematic love songs, rebellious Americana imagery, honest confessions and teenage romantic regrets – all through the lens of Swift’s vivid imagination. This album is reminiscent of her country music days, and mixes with a newer indie flavor. folklore speaks volumes to her newer “coming-of-age” taste and goes to show how versatile Swift really is. -ES



The Social Dilemma calls attention to corruption in the technology industry.
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Movie: The Social Dilemma

Jeff Orlowski’s The Social Dilemma is one of the first modern documentaries to explain exactly what is wrong with the digital age. The film criticizes how the age of information has become the age of misinformation. The world of technology and media has grown exponentially since the early 2000s, and the world is still trying to figure it out. The documentary reveals how the world of social networks operates behind the scenes, affects your mental health, uses manipulation for profit and knowingly adds addicting elements. The information in The Social Dilemma is essential to all social media users. -ES

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