Dear 2021, I’d like to say a few words…


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

2020 has been a difficult year for many amid the pandemic and quarantine.

Kat Parra, Staff Writer

Dear 2021

I may not know what you’ll look like or what your sense of fashion will be, but let me tell you what I have endured this year. So far, I have been isolated, alone and afraid. 2020 was not the nicest. It certainly kept me on my toes. It did the same for the entire world. The news became the most viewed channel on my TV. And don’t get me started on when the election came around. A lot has changed in our lives. 

Over the past few months, I’ve been confined to my house. While I am thankful for the generous amount of time with my family, I had to let go of a lot. I remember the last day on campus. It was Mar. 15. It was pouring. There was word of disease going on and my mom had sent me to school that morning with a face mask. I distinctly remember my classmates teasing me as I wore a mask as if it would soon blow over.

I didn’t know that would be the last time I’d hug my friends. Since then, I’ve learned not to worry over what is yet to happen. Instead, I live in the moment.

Things have changed. 2020 grew hungry for so much. It took many of us with it. For the rest of the world, we live unknowing of what tomorrow will look like. 

Currently, I can’t tell if people are smiling or making faces at me. Masks are all I see. Every time I step into stores or drive by, I am greeted by covered faces. There is anxiety and discomfort that  arises whenever I do see a mouth. 

The other day I was watching a film and I said, “Wait a minute, that’s not six feet apart.” The film was from 2009. Keeping our distance and covering our faces has become our norm. Let me tell you something, 2021, we are invincible. 

You should have seen the way our creativity flourished. We didn’t let a pandemic stop us; instead, we found ways to exercise at home, contact our families and keep busy while in lockdown. We took in a lot. My family and I have adapted to holidays indoors and conversations with relatives through a screen. My car has masks under the seats and behind the visor. My house has a new hanger for masks next to the keys. 

There is a need for touch and affection that makes it nearly impossible when you can’t leave your house. Some people hated 2020. It took so much from us: our loved ones, our identities and our world. 

I for one never hated 2020. Even when my mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice this year, I didn’t hate 2020. I have learned to value the small moments and appreciate the time I have with my family. 

Look, I know we haven’t been the nicest to the planet, we’re not the best at recycling either or worrying about global warming. But, we have good hearts. Frankly, we’re just tired. No, we are exhausted of 2020. 

So, 2021, we may not know what you’ll look like or how you’ll be. I hope you know that we will accept what you bring us. We may not always understand. If there’s one thing we can bring you is this: together we are strong, no matter the distance between us. 

2021, I welcome you with open arms. Just know what you’ll be receiving. Our hearts are a bit broken right now, our irritation and frustration are off the charts. We are past exhaustion and the uncertainty of everything is eating at us. And so we ask you to take a chance on us. Show us a better tomorrow. 


A friend from 2020