Cougar Corner

Cardboard, by arts and technology major Jennifer Funderberg

“My name is Jennifer Funderberg. I’m currently a 21-year-old junior studying arts and technology. Many of my pieces were from classes I have taken here at CSUSM. I focus on my desire to tell stories, even when they are geared towards personal topics. I have always been fascinated with the idea of being able to build a world specifically for another to walk through and discover for themselves. Having that experience as a child in an effort to escape convinced me that telling stories is the most genuine form of human connection. The ability to translate humanity without language – or even without the use of real people – has always fascinated me. The stories we grow with form our experiences, morals and development, from infants to adults. I had the honor of working as a writing assistant for a conceptualized television pilot and created other small films and screenplays with other students. I have also directed, written and storyboarded a psychological short film which is currently on hiatus. I am now focusing on other projects while looking for work in pre-production during this pandemic. My main plan is to one day become an established storyboard artist and freelance writer for multiple animation and film studios, such as Netflix and Nickelodeon Animation.”

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