Alumni Athlete Spotlight: Q&A with Amy Wilson


Photo courtesy of the Office of Athletics

Amy Wilson (‘18) continues to stay close to teammates she met through CSUSM soccer. Currently she is a substitute teacher for a middle school and hopes to pursue a permanent science teaching position in the fall.

Ally Spooner, Assistant Sports Editor

Amy Wilson was a student athlete on the CSUSM women’s soccer team for five years. She shares how COVID has impacted her, what her life has been like after graduation and how she stays connected to her former teammates. 

How are you doing since graduating? What do you do for a living?

After I graduated in the fall of 2018, I fulfilled one of my dreams of moving closer to the beach. I now live in Carlsbad with my friends/teammates that I met through CSUSM soccer. I try to surf once a week so I think life has been going pretty well! I just finished my single-subject science teaching credential and will graduate with my Master’s of Education with an emphasis on English language learners in April. I am currently subbing for middle school and looking for a permanent science teaching position for fall 2021. 

How has the pandemic affected you?

Becoming an educator during the pandemic was an unprecedented obstacle. Learning to teach through a virtual environment had its challenges, but I am also so grateful for the skills I have gained. I have been able to spend a lot of time with my former teammates and I really appreciate the relationships that we share.

What do you think the benefits of being a student-athlete in college are? How did it impact your life post-graduation?


Being a student-athlete in college has many benefits socially and academically. Athletes go into college with a built-in network of teammates and athletic staff to support and guide their success. Along with being a part of a team, being a student-athlete also means being a part of an athletic community that involves all sports. This lifestyle of school, sports and having a job builds skills that benefit long term for a future career. This schedule instills a hard work ethic that involves having a work/life balance with good time management and discipline.  

What is your favorite memory from your time as a student athlete at CSUSM?

My favorite memory of being a student-athlete was beating East Bay 3-2 in double overtime to move on into the second round of the CCAA Conference Tournament in 2017. 

Would you encourage others to pursue athletics at CSUSM?

Definitely, I believe CSUSM is a perfect spot for someone that wants to focus on their school work but also get to play in the most competitive division for D2 athletics. I appreciate the balance of having an intimate class size, along with competitive sports. This personal school environment allows student-athletes to build a supportive athletic community where athletes encourage teams outside of their sport.

Ally Spooner is a fourth year communication major and the Assistant Sports Editor for The Cougar Chronicle. Ally just finished her term as the chapter president of Alpha Chi Omega and is a former member of the women’s soccer team at CSUSM. Ally has hopes of pursuing a career in sports broadcasting, production or journalism and it would be her dream to work at ESPN. In her spare time, Ally enjoys watching sports, going on long walks and spending time with her dog.

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