Get creative by making your own envelopes


Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels

Envelopes are something we all need but often do not have right when we need them. With this simple trick, you can make your own.

Natalie Navarro, Assistant Opinion Editor

Although it seems useless to need envelopes during the age of instant messaging, sometimes it is nice to receive a letter from a loved one. It could also be fun to make your own and surprise others with a personal touch. 

Making an envelope is quite easy, as it only requires:

  1. A piece of paper (must be square shaped)
  2.  Glue or tape.

You are welcome to include drawing or painting materials if you wish to decorate the product. 


  1. Take the piece of paper and shift it into a diamond shape. 
  2. Take the left corner and fold the paper in half. Once the crease is formed, unfold the paper. 
  3. Take the bottom corner and fold the other half. Crease, then unfold again.

*At this point, you should see four prominent creases, with all lines intersecting at the center vertex. 

  1. Take the right corner and fold it to the center vertex. Then take the right and fold to the vertex. 
  2. Fold the bottom corner midway from the base of the paper and the center vertex. The bottom corner must not touch the other two. The bottom should also now be straight with smaller corners.
  3. Fold in the two small corners evenly halfway from the edge and the bottom corner. (You may glue the corner faces.)
  4. Fold the bottom section up to match the top edge of the middle corners. (You may tape the bottom section together.) 
  5. Fold the top corner down until the envelope is finished.
  6. If desired, you may decorate.

With these simple instructions, you never need to buy another envelope. As long as you have paper and paste, you can let your creativity shine in seemingly boring objects.   

Natalie Navarro is an Assistant Opinion Editor for The Cougar Chronicle. She is a sophomore at CSUSM as a literature and writing major, as well as a theatre minor. After graduating, Natalie plans to further her education and become a teacher. She loves to read and play with her dogs.