REVIEW: Mortal Kombat 2021: the film fans have been waiting for for 30 years

Mortal Kombat finally delivers the film gamers have been waiting 30 years for.

Photo from Wikipedia, property of Warner Bros. Pictures

Mortal Kombat finally delivers the film gamers have been waiting 30 years for.

Richard Carpenter, Staff Writer

Since its conception almost 30 years ago, Mortal Kombat has kept our attention with each fatality and new character added. However, the legacy has fallen short when it came to the silver screen adaptations in the mid-90s.  

For most fans when the announcement of the newest release of Mortal Kombat hit our screens, there was a sense of doubt and much speculation as to whether the past was going to repeat itself in terms of quality, and to what story the writers were going to run with. 

With full confidence, the new adaptation of Mortal Kombat is exactly what fans have been asking for for the last 30 years: a film that caters to the hardcore fans as well as the younger generations that may have watched on the sidelines of every match. 

The film introduces new characters, as well as a flowing storyline that allows for character building without dragging its feet. The film gives the audience everything that is promised, from the fight sequences to the amount of gore displayed in the character fatalities. 

This film will have viewers on the edge of their seats with excitement and astonishment with Mortal Kombat finally delivering. This gives audiences hope and excitement to see what Mortal Kombat does further down the line with any accompanying films.