DIY: Seed-starter holiday greeting card


Screen grab by Tania Ortiz

Homemade gifts are perfect to give loved ones.

Magali Castillo, Features Editor

In the spirit of the holiday season, sending holiday greeting cards is a great way to send to family or friends. There’s nothing more special when you make something from scratch for someone that you love.

Materials Needed: For this DIY gift, you will need scrap paper, plant seeds, mixer (kitchen), water and decorative items.


Step 1: Tear the scrap paper into small pieces and put it in the mixer along with some plant seeds and some water.

Step 2: Turn on the mixer to grate it to such an extent that it is still sludgy.

Step 3: Take the mixture out and spread it on a clean surface such that its thickness is like a piece of thick sheet.

Step 4: Let it dry out in a few hours, you can also cover it with a towel to soak the water.

Step 5: Once it is all dried up, it will be a sheet of paper.

Step 6: You can cut it in different shapes and sizes and use your decoration items to make it more visually appealing.

Step 7: Add a note that if the piece of this greeting card is sowed in the soil, it will grow a plant at the spot due to the seeds mixed inside the paper which makes it really nice for nature.

Tips: It is helpful if your scrap paper is multi-colored as it helps in getting a more beautiful card. You can also add some seeds to the soaked, sludgy paper as you place it to dry.