In-N-Out is where they belong, at the top of the fast food chains

Luke Vore, Video Editor

In-N-Out is a well regarded fast food chain by many, and there is a good reason why. From its neon sign that shines late at night, to the simplistic menu with cheap prices, and above all else, quality food, In-N-Out is one of the best fast food options.

When I travel, my top priority is to experience new food. Whether it is lobster in Boston, or jambalaya in New Orleans, I’m always trying to enjoy the local favorites. While traveling, I often try to enjoy burger spots that are regional favorites as well. Whataburger, White Castle, and Shake Shack (which are now starting to pop up over here). However, everytime I return home to Southern California, I always crave an In-N-Out burger. It feels like home to me.

Even when I’m here, I still seek out other fast food restaurants that people compare In-N-Out too. Five Guys, The Habit, and Freddy’s to name a few. Besides Shake Shack, which is the only place I have listed that is on par with In-N-Out, every other chain doesn’t come close in terms of taste, and quality.

If I were to be blindfolded and had to taste each burger from different fast food places, they all would taste like any other burger. In-N-Out’s distinct taste sets themselves apart. The crisp buns, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and the iconic spread, you know what you are getting everytime.

And of course the secret menu, a staple that is synonymous with the chain. Going off the menu allows you to experience so many different ways to enjoy their food. From Animal Style, with their grilled onions and pickles, to the Flying Dutchman, which is nothing more than two pieces of cheese in between two meat patties, all are quality items that allow for a bit of fun among your friends and family.

One of the main points of criticism towards In-N-Out is their fries. I can’t lie, they are not great, (Getting them Animal Style and extra crispy makes them way better) but I never go without them and that’s the case for many. There is a novelty to their fries. The meal doesn’t feel complete without them. While they may not be anything special, let’s remember, people are recommending the burgers, the fries are just a nice side.

There is a clear bias to the fact I am proud where I grew up boasts one of the best burgers in America. Some people may not like it, or they don’t want to admit where they’re from got beat by the West Coast. Whatever the reason is, I am a firm believer if something is popular, it usually is for a reason. In In-N-Out’s case, it’s because they make good food. I love them and I always will. Regardless of where you stand on the love/hate spectrum for In-N-Out, both Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Bourdain have talked about their fondness over this classic fast food chain, so that’s got to stand for something.

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