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Jade Teserio is living for the hope of it all

Courtesy of Jade Teserio.
Jade Teserio, the current president of the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority.

Taylor Swift’s timeless music has played a pivotal role in forging an unbreakable bond between Jade Teserio and her sorority sisters, serving as the invisible string that connects them.  

Originally from the Grand Canyon State, Teserio is a third-year Communications major and the current chapter president for the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority (AOII). Teserio chose to attend Cal State San Marcos because it was founded in 1989, among other reasons. Yet in her wildest dreams, she could never have imagined the incredible community she was going to find. However, it’s not surprising, given Teserio’s magnetic personality, akin to a book you can’t put down, drawing people in, and capturing the attention of everyone in the room. 

Coming from out of state, Teserio was searching for a place to belong and for lifelong friendships, but not once did she expect to become a part of a sorority. Growing up near Arizona State University, she was never interested in Greek life since she had this perception of what a sorority girl was and the image that came along with it. But a conversation about a Taylor Swift tattoo was the beginning of a timeless connection because for Jade the best people in life are free.

Jade Teserio’s tattoo was inspired by lyrics in the song “seven,” by Taylor Swift. (Courtesy of Jade Teserio).

“Everyone who supports Taylor Swift is so open to each other and welcoming, so having that connection with the people in AOII helped us have some common ground. And finding the overlap between my sorority community and the Swiftie community has been something incredibly beautiful. It has given me the chance to support the person I love with the people I love,” Teserio said.  

Teserio loves AOII to the moon and to Saturn because of the community of powerful women it has given her as well as the leadership skills she has been able to develop. In the two years she has been a part of the organization she has obtained various leadership roles; from being the secretary and the vice president of integrity to now being the chapter president.  

As the president, she serves as the main point of contact, oversees events, and is responsible for the sorority’s image. 

Being a firm believer in fate, Teserio was enchanted to see that diving headfirst into joining AOII has opened a pool of opportunities and has brought a network of sisters with it. When first initiated, Teserio learned that being in a sorority is a lifelong thing and there will forever be a bond between sorority sisters. Joining AOII has provided her with a support system and network opportunities that are beneficial to her future career aspirations.  

Her dream career would be to work in live music because concerts have been a huge part of her life since early childhood. Teserio hopes to work in tour promoting, tour managing, or floor security as long as she can be paid to travel and listen to music. She is a fangirl at heart so being able to work in the industry alongside her favorite artists would make her the ultimate mastermind. 

On October 13, the planets and the fates and all the stars aligned because Teserio had a cameo in “The Eras Tour” during the Fearless era. She entered the theatre ready to relive the experience of seeing Taylor Swift live and was shocked to see herself and her best friend in their element. 

Shaped by Taylor Swift’s music during her early years, it became a full-circle moment for it to continue influencing her early adulthood.

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    RobinDec 8, 2023 at 3:36 pm

    Such a beautiful girl. She will definitely reach all of her goals and aspirations.