Interested in seeing spring’s early beauty? Why not enjoy a few hours at the Carlsbad Flower Fields—50 acres of brightly blooming flowers. The fields, which overlook the Pacific Ocean, are filled with colorful Ranunculus blooms. Rows of these flowers carpet the rolling hillside, creating a feast for the eye and camera lens.

Located in the heart of Carlsbad, the Flower Fields are open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and are open to the public until May 8. Prices for the Flower Fields are $10 for adults, $9 for seniors age 60, and above, $5 for children ages three to 10 and children younger than two are free.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields offer a variety of activities for families, couples, and individuals. The strategically planted American Flag of Flowers, which sits in a 300 by 170 foot plot, contains flowers that were planted to resemble an American flag. The fields also annually set up a unique sweet pea maze in which visitors can navigate through a fragrant and colorful maze of “old fashioned” sweet pea blossoms. If you are interested in celebrating Christmas during spring, the Carlsbad Flower Fields also hosts a 1,500 square foot poinsettia greenhouse to display over 20 unusual and rare varieties of poinsettias. Visitors can also learn the history of the amazing holiday plant.

The fields also offer a few non-flower related activities including the Carlsbad Mining Company, where visitors can find and polish gem stones using an actual miner’s method. Santa’s Playground, which was once part of the Lake Arrowhead theme park “Santa’s Village,” now has a new home on the Flower Fields and allows the public to enjoy historic whimsical play houses and giant colorful mushrooms.

According to their website, theflowerfields.com, the Carlsbad Flower Fields’ peak blooming period lasts from March through May. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the beautiful blossoms with a Canon photography workshop on April 17. The Flower Fields also hosts music festivals and craft fairs; check out the “Special Events” page of the website for more information.

Photos courtesy of Morgan Hall

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