The Cougar Chronicle


December 8, 2010

A SURVEY OF CLASSES THAT PROMOTE SOCIAL AWARENESS AND LIFE ENJOYMENT BY ASHLEY DAY PRIDE STAFF WRITER photo courtesy of Many students are leaving CSUSM soon, but have not fulfilled all their graduation requirem...

SPICE UP YOUR CLASS SCHEDULE: Enroll in four fun and interesting classes this Spring

November 16, 2010

BY DEVONNE EDORA PRIDE STAFF WRITER As registration for the next semester slowly approaches, freshman to seniors alike are going through the process of selecting classes that fulfill their major requirements. Students have the...

Furlough Firestorm: Effects linger beyond class cancellations

August 31, 2010

By Amy Salisbury: Editor in Chief Students and faculty alike felt the brunt of the statewide furloughs affecting our campus during the last academic year. The question on the lips of many is whether furloughs will continue this...