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Valentine’s Day DIY gifts

Mackenzie Waldron, Assistant Features Editor

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day which means that love is in the air, and both flower and candy shops are receiving some of their best business. If you want to stray away from the cliches such as chocolates and roses this year, there are many DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are personal and creative.


Now remember, all of these ideas are just as cheesy as the occasion. They can be made for a significant other, a friend, or even your family. There are various types of love that can be expressed and celebrated on Valentine’s Day.


It is a common Valentine’s Day tradition to hand out little boxes of Sweet Tarts with sayings written on them. If you want to transform this idea and make it more unique, you could bake sugar cookies and cut them out into the shape of hearts.  


After baking the cookies, you can frost them with different colored frostings and write those same sayings with white icing. Baking for someone makes a gift more personal and shows that you put effort into the gift.


If you want to get really crafty and personal, you could make a small book titled 10 Things I Love About You. You could write however many reasons you want, but the idea is that every page includes a reason as to why you love them. It’s cheesy, I know, but it is definitely a caring and unique gesture. There is also a lot of room for creativity with this DIY idea.


Candy-puns are also a unique way to show your love for someone. For example, you could give someone a card saying, “You’re a sweetheart,” but instead of writing in the word sweetheart, you would insert the Sweet Tart candy.


If you want to show some love for your friends, you could treat them to a bag a S’mores ingredients with the saying, “I need S’more friends like you,” written on the bag.


Spreading the love this coming Valentine’s Day could be very fun. Yes, these are all cheesy yet thoughtful DIY gifts, but that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

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Valentine’s Day DIY gifts