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SENIOR PROFILE: Looking good isn’t as easy as you think

SENIOR PROFILE: Looking good isnt as easy as you think

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By Justin Donner

Sports Editor

Leah Korthof, a graduating marketing major from the College of Business at CSUSM, has built herself quite the resume.

Her passion is rooted in fashion, and it’s something she got seriously involved in at an early age.

In high school, yes high school, Korthof opened her own clothing boutique in Fresno, California. It was in this process that she learned what goes on behind the scenes in the world of fashion. She would travel to the Los Angeles fashion district with her boyfriend, now fiancé, to explore skyscrapers filled with fashion wholesalers.

“Hey I’m not going to lie. Some of the best cardio I’ve ever done has been carrying huge loads of wholesale clothing through Downtown LA. Yes, I made my boyfriend carry a lot, but we are talking about a lot of clothes here,” Korthof said.

Korthof transferred to CSUSM as a junior, and did her best to manage her business from the rather long distance. Eventually the property owners leasing her the space were having some financial problems, and she felt it was a perfect time to liquidate her business and focus on school.

When Korthof moved to San Marcos, she got a job working for Cache, and is now one of their assistant managers. This is a store that specializes in selling high end women’s apparel. Korthof has received a lot of enjoyment as a stylist helping customers meet their clothing needs.

“Cache has helped me to better understand what goes into helping clients meet their needs and sustaining a competitive clothing business,” Korthof said.

Throughout her stay at CSUSM, Korthof has worked full time while taking a full load of classes every semester. Yet she has still managed to be an above average student and involve herself with the Marketing Society.

After graduation, Korthof looks to continue on her pathway to a very lucrative career within the fashion industry. She someday hopes to combine her wholesale and retail experience in pursuit of career as a buyer or district manager of a clothing company.

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