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Students demand justice in alleged rape case



By Katlin Sweeney

Editor-in-Chief, Social Media Manager

As classes began at CSUSM on Monday, August 25, students began to see fliers going up around campus demanding radical change.

The “Safest Campus” in the CSU system, CSUSM is viewed with high regard when it comes to campus security. So when UPD released a crime alert on August 22 discussing an alleged rape, students immediately reacted.

In the crime report, UPD informs students that allegedly at an off-campus party hosted by TKE, a CSUSM student was raped. In addition to this occurrence, UPD stated that the campus had received multiple complaints about alleged sexual assaults in relation to TKE in the past. TKE, which is not recognized as a CSUSM fraternity, does include some CSUSM students that choose to join the fraternity regardless of its status with the campus.

In light of these recent reports, students have taken to informing their peers about the severity of the issue. Students will be standing in solidarity with rape victims, as well as calling for justice, in a rally tomorrow during U-Hour in Library Plaza.

“This rape happened back in May and we are just hearing about it now,” one of the members of a group called Feminists Anonymous said while posting fliers. “We are creating a space for women to be allowed to be angry and not be blamed for being the victim. We want to see the university become even more vocal about the issue. This rally is done in an effort to show people that rape is not tolerated, and that we are standing with these individuals until justice is delivered.”

For students that are interested in participating, they can go to Library Plaza tomorrow at noon to participate in the rally.

For the full report on TKE and the alleged rape, please refer here:


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    Brett GoudyAug 27, 2014 at 3:08 am

    It is truly sad to see people not joining in to raise awareness about such a serious issue! Stand up for women and be an Ally. Men need to stop committing acts of gruesome violence against women and going unpunished, this is so wrong! Please support survivors of sexual assault in your campus community and spread the word