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Should you Skip or Stream? “Selena & Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them”


Selena’s captivating melodies and infectious rhythms were a constant soundtrack of my life. Her voice and stage presence made her an icon not just in Tejano music but across the entire music industry. Her untimely death in March 1995 cast a somber shadow on her legacy, leaving fans like me with the loss of a talented artist who still had a lot left to give. Throughout the years, there have been multiple retellings of the incident, but this is the first time that we have gotten as close as possible to what could potentially be the truth of that day.

My perspective on the tragic events surrounding Selena’s death has always been that Yolanda Salvidar’s guilt, particularly regarding the embezzlement allegations, is indisputable. This narrative, perpetuated by news channels and the Quintanilla family, has shaped public opinion for years. However, could there be untold events that are yet to be revealed that could change public opinion? 

In this deep dive into one of music history’s more heartbreaking incidents, Oxygen presents a two-episode docuseries that seeks to unravel the complex events leading up to the murder of the beloved Tejano artist. We are given a glimpse into Yolanda’s mind and how she saw the events that lead to March 1995.  

The series has also sparked controversy over the ethics of allowing her to have a platform to speak about Selena. As you go through the two episodes it becomes clear that the documentary is meant to make the viewer feel sympathetic towards Yolanda, rather than focusing on her actions of that day. Also, the timing of the series release just before the anniversary of Selena’s death adds on another layer of sensitivity to an already emotionally charged subject.  

Notably absent from the docuseries are contributions from the Quintanilla family, who have publicly criticized the series for giving Yolanda screen time. 

 “It’s time I set the record straight and I think that people deserve to know the truth” Yolanda said in the teaser released ahead of the docuseries.  

Despite attempts to remain neutral, the docuseries leaves viewers with lingering questions and a sense of confusion. The biggest one being what is the point of speaking out now. 

The first episode gives an overview of Selenas rise to fame and how her relationship with Yolanda, who initially started as the president for her fan club later becoming part of her fashion line. But of course, the bulk to the story is focused on Yolandas perspective, featuring interviews with law enforcement, crime scene reconstruction, and conversations with Yolandas family. The docuseries tries to highlight potential flaws in the police investigation, including missing evidence and inconsistent witness testimonies as well as a very convenient box filled with items that are meant to show that Yolanda never meant for the accident to happen. It is acknowledged that there were some challenges in reconstruction of the events after several years, especially when it comes to speaking with people who were there when it happened.  

In the second episode, one thing that was mentioned repeatedly was how Yolanda served as the guarding of Selenas secrets and a victim of Selenas father control, though none of these statements have any factual evidence. Throughout the three-hour series, Yolanda deflects accountability, emphasizing her innocence regarding the embezzlement allegations. She also makes sure to keep to her statement that she was not aware that she had harmed Selena.  

Ultimately the docuseries falls short in offering any substantial new information and leaves the viewers with little more than what they already know, especially considering this is geared towards fans of Selena.  

For me, the verdict is clear. Skip. However, I leave it to you to judge it for yourself.  

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