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Letter to the Editor – Addressing issues of diversity at CSUSM

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To Students, Faculty and Staff:

Throughout the years we have witnessed the racial divide amongst faculty, staff and students- the most critical factor being that there is a lack of involvement and genuine interest of our students’ success.

While there exists a small percentage of students who are involved on campus, it is overshadowed by an even greater percentage of students who lack the necessary cultural sensitivity in making our campus a welcoming environment for all marginalized and underrepresented communities. Cultural sensitivity can be defined as being aware of the cultural differences and similarities that exist between groups, which allows you to understand the multifaceted global and local issues that trickle down and impact students on a personal, academic and behavioral level.

Though there are a few faculty and staff that go out of their way to help students, there are many more who by choice or ignorance do not push a more inclusive campus where cultural sensitivity is practiced and embedded within our campus community. The university as a whole seems to shame and target students, faculty and staff who go above and beyond to create a more cultural intelligent campus. The institution forgives and forgets those who commit ignorant racist actions, which go against the university’s mission and vision.

We are calling on everyone to get involved, get informed, and participate in our collective effort for the betterment of the university. As United Students of Color Coalition we value the importance of commitment to consciousness and the responsibility to act on integrity. Amongst ourselves there are faculty, staff and student organizations who have taken the steps to create a positive change on our campus and towards our student academic careers. We only ask that you make a commitment to better this university for the genuine interest of all future incoming students.

Here are three simple ways in which you can join these efforts:

  1. Whenever you hear a rude comment made by a peer in class, challenge yourself to speak up.
  2. Regularly attend campus events that are hosted by cultural or social justice oriented groups.
  3. Push yourself to get involved in the community and do research about global issues.

In Solidarity,

United Students of Color Coalition

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