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Organization Spotlight: M.E.Ch.A. advocates for higher education and unification


By Shanice Davis

CSUSM’s M.E.Ch.A. is more than an organization; it is a movement that implements

concentration on higher education, political involvement, culture and history.

ME.Ch.A. stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, and ultimately, the

organization’s mission is to strive for higher education and awareness of the history and struggle.

The org. wants to make sure that access to higher education remains open for generations to


“M.E.Ch.A. is determined to contribute and develop political, social and culturally competent

projects that will prepare our people to become the future leaders of our community,” M.E.Ch.A.

secretary, Lizbeth Moreno, said.

The organization’s goals consist of having equal opportunity in higher education for all people,

especially underrepresented communities. Among their objectives include establishing a Raza

Center on campus, ensuring that their ancestors and their culture is never forgotten, giving back

to the community and staying united as one.

This movement has many Hispanic/Latino members, but Moreno expresses that the org. is open

for everyone on campus.

“MEChA is for anyone interested in helping out the community and helping those who do not

have a voice,” Moreno said. “Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend and be part of our

wonderful organization; all that we ask is that you care for our community as much as we do.”

Moreno also emphasized an essential benefit achieved through M.E.Ch.A.– unification.

“A minority and a non-minority can take a lot from being part of this organization,” Moreno

said. “Unity is a huge benefit from the organization [because] we support each other in all that

we do, and [we] make sure that we all graduate and balance the stresses this life has to offer.”

MEChA has two main upcoming events–Jornaleros and a high school conference.

“Jornaleros, which means ‘day laborer,’ are the men and women who stand at corners looking

for jobs,” Moreno explained. “We set aside a Friday of every month to wake up bright and early

to make burritos for these day laborers and take it to them along with some water.”

Another upcoming event includes a conference held at CSUSM for local high school and middle

school students. The conference focuses on topics that are not usually discussed in schools, and it

also promotes team bonding with other students in the North County area.

“The high school conference is to promote higher education,” Moreno said. “We provide food

and workshops for the youth so that they know higher education is a possibility for all.”

In addition to those events, M.E.Ch.A. is having another upcoming event, Baile de Los Muertos

on Nov. 21 at the Clarke, so mark your calendars cougars!

If anyone is interested in joining M.E.Ch.A., all are welcome to attend the meetings held from 4

p.m. to 6 p.m. every Tuesday in Common 206. Email the org. at [email protected] for

more information.

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