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Sexual assault reported at residence hall


By Ryan Downs

News Editor

The University Police Department (UPD) is currently investigating a fourth alleged

rape in connection to campus that occurred at the University Village Apartments.

The alleged sexual assault occurred on Halloween night, before the early morning of Saturday, Nov.1, and was reported five days after.

According to a press release by the UPD, the suspect is a white male of approximately 20 to 21 years of age, 5 feet, 9 inches, 130 pounds, with green eyes and short brown hair and is not a student at CSUSM.

This is not the first of such events to happen on the CSUSM campus. In fact, it follows several reported incidents, most recently being the alleged sexual assault at The Quad on the night of Sept. 18.

According to a disclosure by the campus’ annual Jeanne Clery report, sexual assaults have allegedly tripled within the last several months of the school year.

In response to this, the CSUSM administration, as well as multiple organizations both on and off campus have taken to raising awareness both of sexual assault crimes and their prevention.

“We’re notifying the campus community if there is a presence of an ongoing threat,” Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Bridget Blanshan, said. “We want to encourage students to take precautions and intervene if they see a friend in a vulnerable place. It’s about building awareness. One should never say it never happens here, wherever here is, but the best thing that we can do is to be prepared.”

A UPD press release emailed to students reminds them of the various ways to practice safety including remembering that any sex without consent is illegal, especially in the event that one or both parties are intoxicated. The release also reminds students to be mindful of whom they let into their residence, to avoid attending social gatherings alone and to be on the lookout for fellow students in danger.

On campus, the Office of Diversity, Educational Equity, Inclusion and Ombud Services recently partnered with CHABSS to raise awareness of Rape Culture as part of the Conversations that Matter series.

Held on Nov. 18 at the USU Ballroom, the Rape Culture lecture taught students about the cultural attitudes that normalize violence, primarily sexual violence, against women. According to the event pamphlet, “This conditioning results in victim-blaming, the normalization of violence against women and a lackadaisical approach to combating sexual violence.”

The event worked to make the campus a safer place for all students regarding violence of any sort.

The UPD encourages anyone with information to report to the SAFE hotline at (760) 750-SAFE or Dr. Blanshan.

Confidential support is also available to students at the CSUSM Student Health and Counseling Center.

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